Reference Management

Browser extensions

Make finding references easier! I recommend you make the most of the tools and apps offered by the University of Melbourne:
In particular, you may like to download these browser extensions:
  • Lean Library will allow you to quickly access the university's subscriptions.
  • LibKey Nomad will let you easily download PDF copies of research papers you find online.


Re:cite is the University of Melbourne Library's handy guide to citing and referencing in your research and writing:
Here you can access:


My personal recommendation when it comes to reference management software is Zotero!
Why? Because it's free, and connects easily with LaTeX on Overleaf. Here are Overleaf's instructions on how to connect various reference management tools to your Overleaf project:
But the best part (with Zotero) is having the option to cleverly store and update your citation keys using Better BibTeX: