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Using this Resource

‌This resource is designed to help students learn new digital tools and skills online. ‌This Digital Support Pack is for LaTeX. LaTeX is software which allows researchers to report and publish their research --- from theses and academic presentations to journal submissions. This resource is split into four modules which can be completed with the facilitation of a trainer via Zoom.

What is Blended Learning?

‌Blended learning is the combination of traditional student-centred in-class learning with other complementary learning methodologies. This resource is currently intended as an accessible alternative to in-class learning which has been made unavailable due to COVID-19. The modules blend written guides, engaging videos, and hands-on challenges. Online webinars aim to provide hands-on support and to reinforce the content of the modules. The in-class workshops focus on problem-based group challenges - which we hope to have maintained on this online resource.

‌Our Philosophy

‌We believe in community and empowering researchers. We believe in researchers helping researchers, and working smarter not harder. We avoid teaching as a death by PowerPoint, and we don't want you to learn new digital tools by watching a screen. Instead, we have faith in our students and focus on a problem-based pedagogical approach.
Learning new digital tools can be hard, especially when your research interests and methodologies are diverse and complex. As such, we firmly believe in supporting and empowering communities of researchers to help each other. Our trainers cannot answer all the questions that you might have about the applicability of digital tools to your research, but we hope that by creating a community of researchers that someone might be able to help you out.

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